Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome To Our Kitchens!

We pigeons love to get in the kitchen. Sure, we may not always make time for it (McDonald's for dinner AGAIN?), and some days it does seem more of a chore than a pleasure, but more often than not, we enjoy getting in there and whipping something up. More than anything, we like FOOD. We want our food to taste good, to nourish us, to be a pleasing experience. We want to share it with good company. We want to pair it with cheap Target wine.

We each have food challenges. Different tastes, different food aversions, different celebrity chef loves. Some of our challenges include: not eating red meat, having high cholesterol, having diabetes, wanting to lose weight, wanting to gain weight, wanting to teach our children healthy ways to eat, not liking vegetables very much, and more. We want to eat healthy, but (at least speaking for myself) 'healthy' food equates, in my mind, to 'bland, tasteless and unappealing', and more often than not we are swayed to the 'dark side' of fats and goodies.

We are regular women. Feeding ourselves, feeding our families, trying to be better about what we put in our bodies while facing the same challenges all of you face. Not enough time. The overabundance of fast food. The fact that processed quick foods are cheaper than healthy foods.

The idea for this blog was born from, of all things, a really cute apron that M-Pidge designed. We don't know what our purpose is yet. We just know that we like to cook, we like to eat, and we want to share it with you. For now, we'll share some of our own recipes, we'll test 'celebrity' and 'found' recipes and show you how they turn out when made in a REAL kitchen, and we may even collaborate with other local pigeons to bring you exciting guest posts. After that, who knows? We're just here to have a good time. So raise your plastic Solo cups of Target wine in a toast with me: Here's to those who love us well, and all the rest can go to hell!

S-Pidge, M-Pidge and K-Pidge, hanging with our Target wine. It's like juice boxes for grown-ups!

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